House Shows

Want to hear the music live? Hose a house show!
A house show is the easiest way for you to hear all Jared’s original music in an intimate acoustic setting. The way you plan the night is completely up to you:

  • Invite friends and family (or strangers)

  • Cook some food (or don’t)

  • Put some beers on ice (or BYOB)

  • Have the show in your living room (or backyard)

  • Request your favorite covers (or originals)

Whatever you decide to do, Jared will bring the songs and good times!

“The response from house shows in the past year has been overwhelmingly positive, and I can’t wait to do more of them. People love getting to hear the stories behind the songs, and getting an inside view into the life of a songwriter and musician in Nashville” - Jared

Fill out the form below if you’re ready to be a part of the house show experience!

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